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Not all homeless

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor
February 15, 2017
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A tin cup, a cardboard box, and mittens without fingers. A picture of a homeless man with a scraggly beard was just painted. This is how homelessness is portrayed; a simple white sign reading ‘will work for food.’ Dr. Jim O’Connell, the keynote speaker in Carter Hall last Monday, sought...

‘Cold, uncomfortable, restless’

‘Cold, uncomfortable, restless’

James Vaughn
March 22, 2016
Filed under Features

About 20 students ditched their warm beds Saturday night to sleep in boxes on campus.

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‘Boxless’ to spotlight homelessness

Gabi Wy, News Editor
March 15, 2016
Filed under News Briefs

Students Jenna Kruse and Ericka Smith are hosting "Boxless in Boxville" from 7 p.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday in the Free Speech Zone. The event, hosted in cooperation with the Student Housing Association, intends to raise awareness for and lend a helping hand to those experiencing homelessness.

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