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USI falls short on LGBT support

USI falls short on LGBT support

Roberto Campos

January 15, 2014

Alex Kessler sat in his residence hall bathroom for 45 minutes contemplating whether or not he would go through with a procedure which would require him to self-inject body altering hormones that would gradually transition him from female to male. With doubt on his mind, it wasn’t a fear of needles...

Faculty Senate opposes controversial marriage bill

James Vaughn

December 13, 2013

The Faculty Senate passed a statement opposing House Joint Resolution-6 (HJR-6) Dec. 13. HJR-6 is an amendment that, if passed, would permanently define marriage as a bond between a man and a woman and would remove protections under current Indiana law for same-sex couples. Assistant Professor...

HJR-6 decision rescheduled for Friday

James Vaughn

December 10, 2013

Classes weren't the only thing canceled Friday - the year's first winter storm caused a number of cancellations, including the Faculty Senate meeting, where members were expected to decide on a public statement regarding House Joint Resolution-6 (HJR-6). The Senate now plans to make a decision at...

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