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Birch Bayh, author of Title IX legislation, dies at 91

Birch Bayh, author of Title IX legislation, dies at 91

Riley Guerzini, Managing Editor

March 14, 2019

Birch Bayh, a former U.S. senator from Indiana who spurred a number of notable legislation, died Thursday of pneumonia at his home in Easton, Md at the age of 91 according to his obituary. Bayh, a liberal Democrat who served in the U.S. Senate from 1963 to 1981, was the chief author of federal Title IX legis...

Taking a knee is a constitutional right

Taking a knee is a constitutional right

Jennifer Hauser, Staff Writer

October 10, 2017

One of the best things about living in the United States of America is that we all have the right to peaceably assemble and to petition our own government, with the protection of our Constitution and the First Amendment. Even if one disagrees with the Take a Knee movement, with the opinion that it is ...

Archie’s Army to fly from the nest

Members of Archie’s Army cheer on the volleyball team during a game last year. The organization is the university’s official student section.

Riley Guerzini, News Editor

September 1, 2017

Bailey Anderson said Archie’s Army’s process to become an organization is nowhere near what other organizations have to do. The Student Government Association general assembly voted to table a resolution Thursday that would remove Archie’s Army, a student cheer group for athletics, as a standi...

Bailey Meenach, Staff Writer

January 31, 2017

Three students from Kellogg Community College were arrested January 20th for handing out copies of the United States Constitution. The students told their peers about their Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) chapter, an organization that seeks to identify, educate, train and mobilize young people commi...

Guns and college students: is there room for both on campus?

Sarah Rogers, Opinion Editor

January 24, 2017

It is my constitutional right to defend myself. A university hosted town hall meeting discussed House Bill 1258 which would prohibit universities from banning legally owned guns on campus. It is my constitutional duty to be an informed and responsible citizen. Considering the following, I...

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