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The benefits of part-time jobs for students

The benefits of part-time jobs for students

Will Phillips, Staff Writer

January 14, 2020

With the start of the new semester comes the stress of college, and for some, an awesome part-time job. Everyone likely has had some part-time job or side hustle, but do they know how beneficial their job could truly be? It’s no secret that college students are strapped for cash, and having a part...

Retiree benefits could change

James Vaughn

February 26, 2014

A Benefits Study Group is proposing eliminating retiree insurance benefits for those hired after July 1, and placing restrictions on benefits offered to current employees. The committee, headed by Vice President for Finance and Administration Mark Rozewski, met with some faculty and staff Feb. 13,...

USI falls short on LGBT support

USI falls short on LGBT support

Roberto Campos

January 15, 2014

Alex Kessler sat in his residence hall bathroom for 45 minutes contemplating whether or not he would go through with a procedure which would require him to self-inject body altering hormones that would gradually transition him from female to male. With doubt on his mind, it wasn’t a fear of needles...

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