Texting and driving not worth it

Brenna Wu

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One of the leading causes for motor vehicle accidents is texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, and these days young adults are starting to text and drive more often. This past summer, I spent a good deal of time in Pro-Rehab due to lower back issues.

My mother’s car was rear-ended, and the girl was using her phone while trying to stop.

I spent several months in rehabilitation trying to strengthen my back because I was the closest  to the accident.

Most people can admit that they are “texters.” I can even say  sometimes at a stoplight or in slow traffic, I pick up my phone looking to see if anyone has texted or called me. After spending those few months in rehab, I became more aware of how horrible texting while driving is.

People need to realize how harmful texting, or even talking on the phone is, while driving.

I will even start to turn my phone off while I am behind the wheel. One thing I also advise is to have a back-seat texter.

Set aside the phone while driving in order to assure not only your safety, but the safety of the other individuals in the vehicle.