Local venue hosts successful show

Ariana Beedie

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Summer Groves went to PG Cafe & Gallery to see her favorite local band from her hometown.

“Tonight, I’m here for Technology vs. Horse,” Groves said. “They are from Bowling Green and they are awesome, so I had to come and support my home team.”

Groves, 20,  a new Evansville resident, has grown fond of PG and the types of acts that perform there.

Her friend, Mary Sparr, a Bowling Green, Ky. native, said she wishes there was a place in her town that would cater to art, food and film like PG.

“This place is awesome,” the 29 year old said.

The Franklin Street venue hosted local bands from the tri-state area Saturday, gaining much recognition from patrons. The show started with a packed room made up of regulars and newcomers to the venue.

The performers included local bands Speed Walking with Seamus, The Hyper Tensions before headliner Technology vs. Horse.

Michael Farmer, lead singer of Technology vs. Horse, was impressed at the quality of the venue after the band’s debut performance, he said.

“We’ve played in Evansville before, but so far this is our favorite place to play in town,” Farmer said. “The atmosphere, the crowd and the vibe is cool.”

The five-piece band got together in 2007 and creates progressive and experimental rock.

“I think in terms of how we sound, we combine punk music with the energy of progressive music,” Farmer said. “We write lyrics that are interesting to us and we also try (to) play weird time signatures.”

With the large turnout, PG employees were also enjoying themselves.

Aaron Schaum, bartender, said there aren’t many places in town to get a large variety of music like PG.

“Tonight’s been really cool, a lot of people are here,” Schaum said.

Later, after Schaum left, bartender Nathan Robling took over handling the drinks and took care of the crowd.

“Every time we have an event it seems like more and more people show up,” Robling said. “We also have the same group of people coming back.”

So far it’s been pretty good, he said.

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