USI needs to reach out

Brenna Wu

We are past the halfway point of the semester. In my history class, around 10 out of the 30 of my classmates have dropped the class. Some students are starting to realize that USI is not the college for them.

I see USI as a home for everyone. How do we start to advertise that aspect to potential students as well as students already on campus? How does USI make people love the campus they are a part of?

USI needs to get out into the community. People all around the Evansville community have no idea what USI has to offer.

For example, USI has the lowest tuition cost in Indiana. We also have a number of clubs and organizations to offer students. When I attended Reitz Memorial High School, colleges came and visited.

Only a few students asked the representatives particular questions, though. USI needs to reach out to more high school students, which would show the community how unique and special the campus and students are here at USI.

My suggestion is having combined service projects with each high school. High school students would love to work with college students. They could be asking questions as well as helping out the community: killing two birds with one stone.