Hellogoodbye “Everything is Debatable”

Jimmy Pyles

Hellogoodbye has come a long way since hitting the airwaves back in 2004, when it released its self-titled ep.

The band is no longer the raw synth, heavy, happy, pop band it was nine years ago, but a band that stayed true to its sound while also maturing. Now on its third studio album “Everything is Debatable,”  a great product when a band comes together to make music no matter who the members are.

“Everything is Debatable” is a mature down temp mix between Passion Pit, MGMT and Vampire Weekend.

“And Everything Becomes a Blur” kicks the album off right with a glimpse of the old sound, with a synth intro beat that carries through the song. It was a great start to the album, but the energy is stuck in neutral for the rest of the songs.

The middle of the album, between tracks four and eight, kind of blend together, which makes it hard to continue the album. You can’t tell what sound you’re listening to or thinking that you have already listened to the album.

After getting through the middle I was rewarded with the last few track like “Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon” that made the album better with driving guitars, funky synth and catchy lyrics that make Hellogoodbye.

I really dislike the lack of up-beat songs on the album. With the energy in Hellogoodbye’s last album, I expected something that would get me going, but it fell short with a majority of its album. I know it’s a part of maturing over the years, but that’s what really got me hooked on Hellogoodbye.

I was really looking forward to Hellogoodbye, to keep the sound from “Would it Kill You” but it didn’t “Everything is Debatable” is still a good album, but not on par with Hellogoodbye’s pervious works.