Logo upgrades

Jessica Stallings

Finally, USI’s logo is getting an upgrade. Throughout the years, the logo, Archie and what the university stands for has changed. With all the other changes to the website, the campus and the slogan, I think a new logo is a smart move.

I grew up around the Evansville area, and I have known since I was little what the current logo design means –  the red background extending from the “I” represents Indiana, and the white star shows our place within the state.

In previous years, most students who were not from local areas hadn’t heard of USI and certainly didn’t know where it was. It makes complete sense why the current logo was a great choice for the university in previous years.

With more enrollment and new additions to the campus each year, I agree that it is time for a change; however, the overall logo isn’t the only thing that needs an update.

I personally can’t count how many USI shirts that I have that are different shades of blue and red. If we are going to be a state university, then we need a set-in-stone color scheme. People need to know that we are here to stay and so are our colors.

Getting away from the traditional American red, white and blue is also a wonderful idea. Hearing the campus named USI (too similar to USA) with school colors that are patriotic can become quite a joke. To top it off, our mascot is an eagle.

I am excited to see how our new logo will turn out and what shades we decide to stick with. I’m glad that I can be a part of this new change the university is going through.