USI Shield Staff

For the past two weeks, the USI Theatre Department has been presenting “Company,” a musical set in the 60s that emphasizes the fundamentals of marriage.

The musical focused on the main character Bobby, played by Antonio King, who is unable to commit to marriage.

Bobby is friends with five married couples who present him with different views on what it is like to be committed and who show him the challenges couples face while in relationships.

The musical, directed by Eric Altheide, was presented on an in-the-round style stage with a very simplistic set. There were very few props, but the actors transformed them into different aspects, enhancing the performance of each couple’s story.

The atmosphere was very intimate. The cast kept the musical comical and successfully transformed into their roles very well, which kept the audience entertained.

Usually when someone asks me to go to a musical, I would pass on the opportunity, but USI theatre transformed the lyrics into relatable entertainment that showcased each actor’s impressive vocals.

While watching each couple on set, it was easy to relate your life to the stories they share and relate to others that are searching for love but have yet to succeed.