USI 24/7?

Brenna Wu

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The idea has popped up several times involving USI’s campus being open 24 hours, 7 days a week (24/7). Instances come up where a 24/7 campus seems very logical.

One reason that supports this idea is the growing population of students who stay up late studying, and the dorms and apartments sometimes get too noisy.

Students need the library open at all hours of the night, especially right before a midterm or final exam.

Another reason a 24/7 campus would be logical is to serve students who want that late-night bite to eat. Everyone has those late-night hunger cravings at random hours of the night.

Most restaurants are closed at 2 a.m. Students need places like the Loft, not only for that bite, but also because many students have unused meals from the Loft.

Most students would also prefer going to the Loft instead of just having a snack from the vending machine. I would love for the campus to become 24/7.

I feel that having this aspect of the college would definitely attract more potential prospective students for the school.

When people have trouble sleeping or just need to take a midnight walk, they will always know they have someplace to go.

USI, all day and night, just seems like a more fitting college campus for future generations who are going to come through the doors.