Why a subdivision?

Jessica Stallings

It recently came to my attention that there is soon to be a housing subdivision located behind Eagle Village, the off-campus student apartments. My question is why so close to campus?

I find a few reasons why this is a bad idea. Number one, I think it would be strange to raise a family next to college apartments. The noise becomes a huge problem on the weekends.

Number two, parents with kids in high school are just going to be closer to college parties. You might wake up with a drunk student in your yard. And there are higher risks of vandalism, as well.

I am starting to think this is a scam to get graduates to stay Evansville. We move on campus our freshman year, and we live in the dorms. Sophomore and junior years we live in the apartments on campus, then junior or senior year we leave campus – somewhat – and rent in Eagle Village.

But what’s next, after we graduate? We know of a subdivision that is conveniently close, so why not? And then to top it all off, there is a retirement community located behind Reflection Lake.

Overall I just think it is an odd location, with it being so close to not only campus, but to Eagle Village. I feel that many problems are going to come along with it.

They are constantly doing construction right outside my window. To make it even better I walk around campus all day hearing the same noise.

Personally, I think they are tearing down the trees for no reason. I’m sure there is plenty of open space available elsewhere. Especially where it would have a better location for everyone.