“Don Jon”

USI Shield Staff

Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred and directed, “Don Jon,” which appeared in theaters Friday. The film follows Jon, an attractive guy who gets whatever he wants, through his daily rituals of getting girls, working out and his big secret.

Jon is the perfect catch, so of course there’s a secret. He’s addicted to porn. I mean big time.

In the beginning of the film, porn isn’t the biggest issue. Jon goes to church, cleans, socializes and exercises religiously. Family is very important to him also, so Jon eats dinner with his family weekly.

Jon can get any girl he wants. There’s the look, a dance, the kiss and next thing you know he’s getting the panties. Just like that, and then he’s on to the next. Jon is a typical guy, living the life, until he met her.

Barbara, played by Scarlett Johansson, is his ultimate match. She’s got it all, the body, the look, everything. Jon falls in love with her.

Ironically, he gets all the negative he put out, right back with her. Barbara bosses Jon around, even makes him go to night school. Then she dumps him for lying to her about watching porn, because she kind of caught him a first time.

So, Jon has to face the question, is he addicted to porn? In an odd occurrence, he meets Esther, played by Julianne Moore.

Esther gives him everything his soul is searching for.

This film analyzes the different aspects of an American relationship, from a man’s perspective. Men watch porn, but how many are addicted?

The very-talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt did an excellent job in portraying this character. The way  he walked and talked really made me think he was an Italian guy from Boston.

The only part I didn’t like of the film was how much porn was shown. I mean, there was so much porn! I felt like I was just watching it, that’s how many times it was shown.

Overall, it was quite an introspective film. I couldn’t help but wonder, how many guys are actually like that?