The Internet, “Feel Good”

USI Shield Staff

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Syd tha Kyd blows me away. She’s the only female member of rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, and the most behind the scenes. Even on her album she’s quiet, yet in control.

Listening to this album shows a large difference between her and her male counterparts in Odd Future, a more delicate side.

Her vocals, her production and collaboration with Matt Martians to create The Internet has taken Odd Future fans by storm.

“Feel Good” released late September, goes into a different universe with all elements of the album. What’s different about The Internet’s sophomore release, is the maturity level the production has reached.

Syd’s voice is smooth and swoons over the album, hypnotizing and taking over the listener. Compared to The Internet’s first release, “Purple Naked Ladies”, their production quality skyrocketed.

The title of the album, “Feel Good” reaches its title goal. The different combinations of sounds create a type of euphoria throughout the album.

Producer, Matt Martian put the right sounds together when making this album. Track by track the al

Each track blends together so well, it takes you on a journey. The incredible chemistry the two have shows in the presentation of the album.

“Feel Good” features artists including rapper, Mac Miller and singer, Tay Walker.

A key track is “Cloud of Our Own,” because all elements of the song put together create this feeling, this groove that shakes hips, and sucks the listener in.

This album proves the fact that Odd Future is making a big wave in music, and I’m so excited about it.