What’s wrong with USI?

Jessica Stallings

I really want to know what is wrong with USI. I have attended this university for almost two years and lived around this area my entire life, but I’m still not sure what it is that people don’t like about this campus.

The university has been put down so many times, even by students attending. People claim it is too small of a campus, we don’t have a football team, or the infamous name of “West Side High” still gets thrown around.

USI gained the horrible name, “West Side High,” from people in the area due to the fact that we were such a small campus and it was always an easy option for students right out of the local high schools.

I have heard other complaints such as there is too much construction; there aren’t enough programs; or my personal favorite, I didn’t have to try hard to get accepted.

That may have been true in the past, but starting in 2012, the university has changed its academic standards for enrollment. Enrollment numbers went down even more this year for similar reasons.

The list goes on and on. Students need to understand that USI may have some flaws, but what university doesn’t? The campus is still growing and trying to become bigger and better.

In the past few years, we have gained more professors, more programs and even more additions to the campus itself.

USI is one of the top schools for nursing programs in the state. One of our alumni represented our district in congress until 2011.

Eventually, USI will be the campus that we aspire it to be and that may take five or 10 years. It has definitely grown from when it was called the Southern Indiana University of Evansville.

For some reason, you chose to come here so why not support USI and take the chance to make the university better if you aren’t satisfied? Complaining doesn’t solve anything.

For me, the University of Southern Indiana is a good place to get a secondary education, and it’s working its way to become a great one.