Grouplove “Spreading Rumors”

Jimmy Pyles

When I saw the music video “Ways to Go” I got way more excited about Grouplove’s sophomore album “Spreading Rumors.” Grouplove received a lot praise and attention after their single “Tongue Tied” from “Never Trust a Happy Song” was used by Apple in a iPod Touch commercial.

“Ways to Go” is my favorite song on this album making it my jam this summer. It’s completely infectious in the best way possible after one listen I was hooked, didn’t want stop listening so I didn’t.  But, “Shark Attack” gives it a really run for its money with a chorus and bridge that would make my grandma get up and dance.

Tracks six through nine are to be the lowest part of the album they failed to catch my attention with either the lyrics or the instrumentals. While they still posses the sound Grouplove has on this album they just fall short in my eyes.

“Bitin’ the Bullet” and “Raspberry” are they last truly great tracks on the record leaving the album with such energy that make you want to hit reply, enjoy the album all over again.

One of my biggest problems with the album is a lot of the songs aren’t memorable to me while they are great only a hand full of songs on the album get stuck in my head the way a lot of songs on their first album did.

Overall this is very solid sophomore album, which is the album that bands really make or break themselves with after having a widely popular debut album.

Grouplove’s hyperactive craftsmanship pumps this 13-track album with so much joy, whit and silliness making “Spreading Rumours” absolutely easy to love.