No healthy options on campus

Jessica Stallings

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many healthy or meatless choices for students while on campus. This is probably not the first time hearing this complaint, nor will it be the last. It’s been an ongoing topic at USI and especially for me – being a vegetarian for seven years.

On-campus food choices include the Loft, Burger King, Archie’s Pizzeria, Sub Connection, Cyclone Salads, Salsa Rico and Starbucks. Sure, what more could we ask for; but, how about something healthier.

I’ll give the university the benefit of the doubt and say that Sub Connection and Cyclone Salads are better food choices for those who want to maintain their weight, but only for those who really want to try.

I have realized it has to be a choice the customer is willing to make. There are multiple unhealthy but tasty add-ons that we can pile on to our sub or salad. It’s easy to slip and get a quick lunch, and it’s just as easy to load on tons of toppings that just add to the calories.

If we really want to eat healthy with the choices that we have we have to go to each place and ask for the nutrition facts for each side and plan out meals that have low calorie counts. In my opinion, that is simply too much effort when avoiding the freshmen 15.

I understand that the university does not have the money to invest in another on-campus food option that does offer all low calorie selections. But the choices we have could make simple changes. One good idea to help the students is to have the calories easily visible. This way there isn’t much trouble trying to figure out which add-ons are healthy.

In the end it all comes down to the student and whether or not they want to be healthier. Anything that you want to be better at takes some type of effort. It’s completely normal for a diet to be a struggle for anyone. Eventually it will become easier,  you’ll start to see results and it will be worth it.