Students enjoy their Labor Day at Kramer’s Lake


Student enjoy the weather at Kramer Lake. Photo by NICK EBERTZ/The Shield

Ariana Beedie

A university tradition adds another successful holiday with Labor Day at the Lake. Each year students travel to Kramer’s Lake, and the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center staff treat them to a fun-filled holiday.

This tradition has been going on since 2000, and students keep coming back for more.

Kramer’s Lake, about three miles from USI, is on the grounds of New Beginnings Lakeside Church. The lake includes slides, trapeze, paddle boats, water and land volleyball. The RFWC and the church staff join forces to provide free lunch and beverages for the students.

“One of our former vice presidents thought this would be a good idea for students who couldn’t get home on Labor Day,” Dave Enzler said.

Enzler, RFWC director, said Kramer’s Lake is a long standing tradition with Evansville, especially the West Side.

“It’s like the old swimming hole,” he said.

The staff provided sandwich options, with various pasta salads, cookies, chips and fruit. The university also provided transportation.

“Our entire staff is working to provide something for students who have nothing else to do today,” Enzler said. “We’ve even had couples in the past come back and say they met here as freshmen.”

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then, he said.

Doug Horner, New Beginnings Lakeside Church pastor, was also assisting in helping students feel right at home on this Labor Day.

“God gave us this property, and we want to do something with it,” Horner said.

Many student leaders volunteered to help with this event.

Tigui Danke helped for the second year in a row. This year she checked student ID’s to make sure all attendees were USI students.

“It’s normally a big turnout,” the senior French major said. “Last year, I helped clean up afterwards.”

Some students had no clue this event happened every year, until now.

Senior Chris Brace was disappointed he hadn’t heard of this event until his last semester in college, he said.

“I saw something on the International Club’s Facebook page about this event,” Brace said. “Free food, and it’s a lake.”

No one can beat that, he said.

Whitney Abbott came back for a second year.

“I found out about this event last year,” the sophomore psychology major said. “It’s a good way to meet new people and get a workout while not really working out.”

The trapeze swing is fun, but if students dangle their feet, they could face plant it, she said.