Student Development Office gains new staff

Ariana Beedie

This semester brings changes to the Student Development Office with a new programming adviser and graduate student.

Jenny Wittstock is taking the place of Kathy Jones as senior programming adviser. A Columbus, OH native, Wittstock has worked with student activities since she was an undergraduate student at Heidleburg University.

“I love working with student groups, and getting them to a point where they realize their goals and helping them maintain those goals,” Wittstock said.

Wittstock was hired by the university in July, but officially started Aug 19th. Her position brings a new focus for the student development office.

“My job entails advising Activities Programming Board to bring educational and entertaining events to campus,” she said.

Wittstock has many goals to complete during her time at the university.

“I want to do whatever I can to be an advocate for students,” she said. “By helping them be successful in whatever they achieve.”

Wittstock also wants to help APB become nationally recognized by pursuing outlets for APB to show their leadership skills, she said.

“We’re members of the National Association of Campus Activities and we’re attending a conference in Peoria, Ill.” she said. “I would hope that USI APB can become nationally known for its strong leadership.”

That’s a major goal, she said.

Another addition to the Student Development Office is having a graduate student.

Rachel Gumble 23, is the first graduate student to work there.

Gumble graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in sociology, and took a year off to find just what she wanted to do.

“I worked at a non-profit in northern Kentucky,” she said. “I’ve always known I wanted to go to graduate school.”

Gumble’s main position is to serve as a connection between the Student Development Office and the Student Involvement Office, as a resource.

“I want to be the student for the staff and the staff for the students,” she said.

Amanda Story, assistant director of student development programs welcomes the fresh faces in the office.

“It’s great for us to have additional staff because we’ll have a lot of projects through the year,” Story said.

It’s also good to have people from other institutions, to get other ideas, she said.