Jake Tapley

Since I now have an Android phone, I’ve been getting into Instagram lately. Acting as an innovative way to document your life, it transcends both Facebook and Twitter by using pictures instead of just words.

Of course, this probably isn’t exactly news to everyone, seeing as how I was a little late to hop on the Instagram bandwagon myself.

However, once I was on Instagram, there is a bandwagon that I didn’t hesitate getting on. And I kind of wish more people would do likewise.

What I’m talking about is supporting Evansville culture. I semi-frequently (i.e. when I remember to Instagram what I’m doing) make posts with the hashtag “#supportlocal.” Now, by no means am I trying to say that supporting local businesses, artists, musicians, etc. is something that is exclusive to Instagram nor should it even be viewed as an Instagram trend.

On the contrary, I think it should be a lifestyle trend that manifests itself via social media from time to time. I think people should actually want to support the culture of the city they live in or were born in (or, in my case, both).

This summer, I have invested myself heavily in local businesses. Whether I was taking a trip to the Farmer’s Markets with my girlfriend or going to Penny Lane or getting a haircut at Old Town Ladies & Gents or attending a show at The Hatch music venue, I was making a contribution to the culture of Evansville.

And who needs to eat at McDonald’s when we have Zesto’s?

Also, don’t confuse supporting Evansville culture with being an Evansville die-hard. I can see the problems we have as well as I can see the people striving to make this city a better place.

I just think the people deserve more acknowledgement.

So if you care about your city, start showing it. If you want to see improvements being made, get out there and support the people making the improvements.

Whoever said this city was a lost cause? If #WeAreEVV knew what was good for them, they’d change their campaign to #supportlocal.