The new revolution: playing piggyback

Jake Tapley

In the past few weeks, I have noticed many people changing their Facebook profile pictures to a white equal sign with a red background in support of marriage equality – in particular, in support of the recent legislation for gay marriage.

I just hope that all of these people consciously made the decision to upload that picture.

If they are supporters, I think it’s great. But the support should not stop there, by any means.

It has become entirely too easy for anyone to dip their feet into any campaign or movement with no risk at all to their person. This is both a remarkable accomplishment and a new way to cop-out – the latter of which worries me.

I’m not saying that everyone who supports gay marriage needs to take place in some public demonstration. I’m just saying that, if they’re trying to make a move for change, social media doesn’t count.

I worry that we’re becoming a society who is content with playing piggyback on a cause and expecting everybody else to facilitate the change.

You can’t just hashtag something and feel that you have done your part. You can’t just copy what everyone else is doing and feel that you are being revolutionary.

While what you are doing is certainly a good use of social media, it isn’t necessarily the lengths to which you are able to go.

And if you’re not active in a cause, you’re probably not really all that passionate about it.

Social media is promoting this passive behavioral trend, and I don’t know how to stop it from getting out of hand. Younger generations are likely to grow up oblivious to the problem altogether.

If this continues to escalate, I worry that the only people actually fighting for anything will be our country’s political officials, along with the victimized and oppressed.

Support can start on social media, but it shouldn’t end there. If you care enough to retweet something, then you should care enough to extend your support beyond that.

I urge everyone to stop this “revolutionary band wagoning.” It’s not doing anyone any real favors, and it isn’t making a difference in the big scheme of things.