Bless My Souls takes off running

Ariana Beedie

Megan Lengacher makes shoes. Working between, before and after classes, she uses fabric markers to recreate images and designs for a small price.

The freshman graphic design major maintains this hobby, along with schoolwork, just for the love of art.

Her business, Bless My Soles, took off this semester. Now she is making more shoes than ever before.

“It became really popular here on campus,” she said. “This month I’ve had 30 people want shoes.”

Lengacher’s wearable art creations began as simple pair she designed for herself in summer of 2011. A year later, she created a Facebook page that showcases her talent. Other Facebook users are able to check out her latest pairs and others that are for sale.

That is how Lengacher sells most of her shoes.

“I don’t know a lot of people that order,” she said. “For instance, the farthest I’m shipping to is Goshen, Ind.”

She has also shipped shoes to Missouri and Nashville.

“I’m busy all the time, and I love it,” she said.

Lengacher can recreate any image, from Iron Man to Harry Potter, and she enjoys the process. Once she receives an order, she creates the shoes in one sitting.

“Once I get started, I want to finish them,” she said. “When I come back, I don’t feel like I have the same ideas as I did.”

Lengacher has two set prices: $20 if the customer provides shoes, and $30 if she provides the shoes.

Lengacher has a large tub of shoes just waiting to be drawn on.

When she doesn’t have orders, she makes a pair then tries to sell them, she said.

The majority of Lengacher’s time is spent drawing. The creation speed all depends on the shoe size, she said.

“I’m still learning,” Lengacher said. “It’s not very formal and official, I guess.”

Some USI students have purchased shoes and they love them.

“I found out about Bless My Soles because I follow Megan on Instagram and Twitter,” Amanda Boyd said.

The undecided freshman said her and Lengacher had a drawing class together.

“I have recommended others to buy her shoes,” Boyd said.  “I show off the pictures all the time.”

She plans to buy another pair at some point, she said.

Even if she hasn’t drawn something before, Lengacher will try.

“I’m up to draw anything,” she said. “It’s a challenge sometimes.”

Freshman biology major Rebecca Doubet said she is eager to purchase shoes.

“I asked her if she could make me a pair with my sorority theme,” Doubet said.

The shoes are one-of-a-kind, and that’s the best thing about it all, she said.