Parade your cause, not yourself

Jake Tapley

We live in a time where activism can truly thrive. And now with the Internet and social media being utilized, it has become trendy to be supportive  of a cause.

It is either the best or worst thing to happen to modern liberalism – I can’t decide.

I think it’s wonderful when people are truly passionate for a cause. When someone identifies with the ideologies of a particular group, they tend to learn a lot about themselves.

However, more often than not, I see people driven by selfish ambitions. People often either bandwagon to a popular cause or support something because of what it will do for them (i.e. how it will make them look in the eyes of others). And while it’s still great that these people are a part of something bigger than themselves, I think they need to check their motives at the door.

I myself don’t really claim affiliation to any particular group or philanthropic endeavor – which I’m not bragging about – and I feel at ease about it.

I feel that what is ultimately important is that you are true to yourself and to others. Don’t claim to be something that you’re not or try too hard to be something that you are.

Just be yourself and express whatever comes with that.

When people long to make others believe they are who they say they are, they tend to stray away from good intentions and tread into the territory of self-obsession.

If you really stand for what you say you stand for, then there should really be no need to let everyone know what you stand for. If you’re a feminist, that’s great, but you should show me that you’re a feminist, not tell me about it. And don’t parade it around like it’s a fashion statement.

Most of the people that you’re trying to impress or make a statement to don’t care. If they’re like me, they probably think you’re just embarrassing yourself.

And also consider that you are making your group look bad.

We are a culture that uses stereotypes and association as a form of judgment, and therefore, we are more likely to remember the people that make fools of themselves over the ones who have actually have integrity.

So it’s starts with you.

But a cause is much bigger than you, to the point that you barely even matter at all. So don’t let it go to your head.