Couples across campus: Eric & Hilary

Jessica Stallings

Not only do Eric and Hilary share a last name, but they also share an office and phone at USI. If someone calls for Hilary or Eric Braysmith, the voicemail clearly states that it is the voicemail account for both of the Braysmiths.

The nameplate on the door only says Hilary, though.

“I camp out in the Forum all the time,” Eric said. “It has become my de facto office.”

Eric teaches Intro to Film, while Hilary is an art history associate professor.

The Braysmiths try to make free time for each other even with such busy schedules.

When the two have a moment to themselves, Hilary said she likes to watch movies.

Her inclinations sometimes pose a problem, though, because Eric has to set up all the equipment for Activities Programming Board (APB) movies and watches movies all the time.

“I’m gone Thursday, Friday and Saturday night running movies in the Forum,” Eric said.

This year was the couple’s 29th anniversary. The Braysmiths got engaged right before Thanksgiving and married during break on Jan. 4.

At times, their anniversary is hard to plan for because it occurs right before classes start. However, Eric still makes sure to do something special for Hilary to make up for it.

“On my birthday, he cooks my favorite meal,” Hilary said. “Chinese-style eggplant – and he makes a quadruple batch so I can eat it all week.”

The two bonded when they discovered a shared love for the arts. Hilary minored in film and video, which was Eric’s major, at Ohio State during their graduate school years.

“One of my favorite things about him is his sense of humor,” Hilary said. “The first quirk I noticed about him was (that) he would laugh at the wrong parts of movies.”

Hilary’s dedication to everything she does is what most attracts Eric.

“I admire her passion for what she cares about, such as her projects – that is what struck me initially,” he said.

Although they do not have children, the couple has taken in many stray cats that they claim have adopted them.

“We are cat collectors, not that we want to be,” Eric said. “They tell their friends and show up at the door.”

The two are very happily married and plan to set aside time for Valentine’s Day.

“He has never ceased to surprise me, and almost always, they’re good surprises,” Hilary said.