BREAKING NEWS: Student found dead in car

Jessie Hellmann

UPDATE 1:10 p.m. Annie Groves, the Vanderburgh County Coroner, reported that Mowery died of a heart attack.

UPDATE 12:47 p.m. The name of the student is Adrien Mowrey from Evansville, Ind. He was in a ’98 Toyotal Rav 4, Major Rick Pace from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s officesaid.

UPDATE 12:40 p.m. Pace said the student was a 29 year old who died from natural causes. He said the student had a heart condition.

UPDATE 11:54 a.m. The cororner’s office said they are doing an autopsy “right as we speak” and a name will be released in about 40 minutes.

UPDATE: 11:42 a.m. News and Information services released a statement that said the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office is investigating the death.

“It does not appear to be suspicious or any threat to the campus community. We will keep you informed of the results of the investigation into the cause and manner of the death.”

UPDATE:   11:15 a.m. The coroner’s office said a name will be released when the family is notified. They will not confirm the cause of death.

BREAKING NEWS: Sgt. Bill Gillenwater said a USI student was found dead in a car in the parking lot near the Science Center. He said the cause of death is believed to be natural and a name will be released when his or her parents are notified.

He said the police were notified when a student noticed a student “sleeping” in a car before he went to class. When he came back from class, the student was still there.