Golf Wang Strikes Back with Volume 2

Ariana Beedie

Rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) released its second album “Odd Future Tape Vol. 2,” which is the sequel to its first mix-tape “The Odd Future Tape.”

“Odd Future Tape Vol. 2” is just another notch on the OFWGKTA belt. Released on March 20, this album includes each member of OFWGKTA and showcases its recent work and growth as artists. While maintaining the classic Odd Future flavor, this 18-track album is also incredibly produced, giving off a professional sound. Well, as professional as OFWGKTA can be.

The album debuted at No. 5 on Billboard Top 200 (U.S.) and at No. 1 on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (U.S.). This album begins like any Odd Future album – with an introduction.


Track one “Hi” features adjunct member L-Boy introducing the entire crew by name. Even a small moment of silence was asked for member Earl Sweatshirt, who was recently released from a behavioral facility.

Jumping to track four, Mike G’s “Forest Green.” Hearing this track on the album was something special, since this track was supposed to be released last year on Mike G’s solo album, “Gold.” Luckily OFWGKTA included is on this compilation.

“Analog 2” is a sequel to “Analog” on Tyler, The Creator’s first album “Goblin.” This track is more sentimental, compared to the other tracks featured on this album. Using the theme “Meet me by the lake,” Tyler expresses how he feels about women, including a certain woman in his life. This is a softer side of Tyler, one that’s searching for real love in this crazy music world. The track features R&B sensation and OFWGKTA member, Frank Ocean classifying the track as a definite slow jam.

Tyler’s lyrics are sweet and explain the the difference between stage Tyler and the Tyler behind the scenes. Channeling his age, he states, “Love sick where’s the clinic aid, we’re young. Fun is what we’re having, f*** it. Pour a glass of lemonade..” This is one of the top slower tracks on the album.

On to “Rella,” one of the most popular tracks on this album. OFWGKTA released this video on YouTube, featuring Domo Genesis as himself, Hodgy Beats as an action figure, and Tyler as a centaur. This track goes hard. Hodgy Beats begins, proving just how intense OF can be. Clever rhymes combined with Left Brain’s production equals an extremely hype track.

“The fortress is fortified! Money in my pockets like I’m forty-five!..” And of course, Tyler steals the show ending the song with rhymes unexpectedly. A great representation of the evolution of OFWGKTA over the years.

“Real B****” is also a slower track but featuring Taco and Mellowhype (with Hodgy Beats and Left Brain rapping mostly). This track is simply about women, and just what a good woman does. Hodgy speaks of a woman, who is in charge of her own life, and one that will assist in the OFWGKTA lifestyle. These guys aren’t dissing women but state what exactly they want from a “real b****.”

Taco has higher expectations of women, which are quite hilarious including sexual innuendos and cooking. This track is comical but serious. OFWGKTA doesn’t roll with women who play games but ones who are serious about life.

Another key track, “Sam (Is Dead)” is a proclamation of what OFWGKTA came to do, which is whatever they want. Tyler exclaims, “Niggas is comin! Run!” A warning to all other competitors, OFWGKTA is here for good and are prepared to ride the fame wave. Then again, what do you expect from a group of young artists who created their own label, self-released albums, directing and self producing? They are just getting started.

The grand finale “Oldie” is a 10-minute track featuring all OFWGKTA members including Earl. The OFWGKTA crew bids its listeners adieu as each one recites its 16 bars.

During the day of release, OFWGKTA filmed a music video to “Oldie,” which occurred during a photo shoot. The footage is raw and uncut, featuring all members, even the non-vocal member, Syd tha Kyd. The camera pans to show other members clowning around the studio rhyming while each spotlight rapper spits their flow.

The man of the hour Earl Sweatshirt, featured at the end of the video was a very pleasant surprise. Not seeing Earl, or hearing any new material has kept fans on pins and needles this past year, waiting. Finally, he is in the flesh surrounded by his OFWGKTA family telling the world he’s back.

This is the best collective album released by OFWGKTA so far. The lyrics, production and music videos have matured but without losing the crisp Odd Future sound its fans adore.