Q & A with The Scandalmongers

Jimmy Pyles

The Scandalmongers

Last weekend I had the chance to watch one of the bands playing the outdoor stage for this year’s SpringFest. The Scandalmongers are a four-piece band that has been together since 2007. The band is made up of Reid Chancellor-guitar/vocals, Dylan Woodall-drums, Logan Patberg-guitar and Chase Keller-bass. They are now currently working on our second full-length album. After their show, I sat down with The Scandalmongers to ask them some questions.


The Shield: How did the band start?

The Scandalmongers:

Chancellor: Dylan and me have lived on the same street for a long time and have known each other since kindergarten.

Woodall: (Chancellor) called me up one day for a jam session, and we wrote five songs. But other than that, we all went to high school together.



The Shield: What has been your favorite show you have played? 

The Scandalmongers:

Our best show was opening for two small signed bands, Twenty-One Pilots and Farewell Fighter, which show was also the first show Patberg played with us.


The Shield: What is your favorite song you play?

The Scandalmongers:

Patberg: “Drugs”

Chancellor: “Child Songs”

Woodall: “Diabetes is for lovers”

But our fans really like “Sex for breakfast.”


The Shield: What are your favorite lyrics? 

The Scandalmongers:

Patberg: “Buddy Holly was a hillbilly, but Elvis he wasn’t much better.” That’s really the only one I know

Chancellor: I like the chorus of “Child Songs” because I get to talk about 5-0.


The Shield: How do you think you sound like?

The Scandalmongers:

We take influences from band like Foxy Shazam, The White stripes, Weezer and many more, but we really don’t think we sound like them. But everyone always says we sound like Young the Giant, even though we don’t really see that a lot of people tell us that though. We try to get inspiration from band but we like to have our own unique sound instead of trying to sound like anyone.


The Shield: What got you started in music?

The Scandalmongers:

Patberg: Scott Wambach, and I’m not good at sports so I just started listing to music. Plus I do it for the chicks.

Chancellor: The movie “That Thing You Do” by Tom Hanks

Woodall: My parents bought me a drum set for my 12th birthday, and I have been playing ever since.


The Shield: Are you excited to play SpringFest?

The Scandalmongers:

Yes ,we are all really excited to play SpringFest. We have friends that have played it before and have said they enjoyed it, so we are looking forward to it. 


If you liked any of the answers to the question or want to give The Scandalmongers a listen, go to their Facebook page or if you would like a copy of their new “Free EP” email them at [email protected]