Goblin brings shock value

Ariana Beedie

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What does one say about an album that says it all?

Tyler the Creator, member of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, comes as hard as ever in his newest album release.

Many listeners may be jaded, or shy away from Tyler because his crucial lyrics and dark instrumentals, but you have to move past the initial shock of his delivery to actually understand what he is talking about.

Quotes like, “Kill people, burn s***, f*** school,” can startle listeners who are unprepared for rap this real.

This album is like none I’ve ever heard. Representing the youth and bringing a breath of fresh air to hip-hop, Tyler sets a new standard for new rap.

Goblin, second album by Tyler was released in early May under XL Recordings. Track after track, Tyler spits “hot fire” and sheds some light on his personal life. Songs like “She” and “Her” touch a bit on his love life, or what he wants in his love life. Coming out of California, Tyler differs from many new rappers today. He shines a bit of insight into his mind, his world.

Tyler welcomes his listeners into the realm of Wolf Haley. Tyler’s concept behind this album is this. Wolf Haley, whom he refers to often, is who Tyler wants to be. Wolf is described as “wild, crazy,” according to an interview for PSL, a German music magazine.

“Yonkers” explains this well if you listen closely to the lyrics. “I’m a f*****g walking paradox. No I’m not” is an example of the internal conflict between Tyler and Wolf Haley. His stage persona is a combination of Wolf Haley and Tyler.

“I’m the same person living in my movie fantasy world,” Tyler said during an interview.

Of course the media has a lot of negativity when it comes to Tyler. He is by no means politically correct, nor does he want to be. Contributing what we all need, to music in general, brutal honesty.

Despite what critics may say about him, Tyler gives positive messages and attempts to give advice within his twisted lyrics.

His stance should be respected, even if you as the listener cannot understand where he’s coming from. Talent cannot be denied. Goblin, in much comparison to his previous release, “Bastard” once again let’s the listener know what’s real.

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