Face of Feminsm hosts voting teach-in

Ariana Beedie

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Face of Feminism will host a voting teach-in on Oct. 13 to inform students on how to vote and the requirements needed in different counties for local elections.

Face of Feminism founder and current President Alexandra Levine said the teach-in would be a good opportunity to encourage students to vote in local elections as well as in the presidential election.

“There is a lot of close-mindedness, ignorance and latent sexism in this area,” she said.

“We want to not only bring awareness but bring an attitude of change and gender equality.”


The teach-in is an open forum that will provoke discussion regarding candidates for local elections such as Indiana governor and senate. Groups will research present information and discuss current issues.

It will also serve as a general platform for current concerns such as welfare, rape, and women and children’s issues. Face of Feminism Vice President Hera Ashraf said she wants students to know all the details before voting.

“I want people to know about candidates before blindly voting,” she said. “We want to bring light to issues.”

Face of Feminism is an organization on campus whose purpose is to break stereotypes of “feminism” and what the term “feminism” means.

The group discusses issues like women’s sex trafficking, all stereotypes and equal pay in America. This group is not limited to just women but to all USI students who are curious or want to know more about feminism.

“Please go vote. Make sure you make an educated vote,” Ashraf said.

Trenton Bruner, a “participant observer,” is a non-traditional member of Face of Feminism and is in support of the teach-in.

“This teach-in is a great was to establish credibility,” he said.

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