Mr. Southern Indiana: Mrs. Doubtfire combines with Miss Congeniality

Jimmy Pyles

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s (ASA) Mr. Southern Indiana is like a cross between Mrs. Doubtfire and Miss Congeniality with all the cross-dressing and sexuality of Miss Doubtfire mixed with the beauty pageant action of Miss Congeniality.

In this beauty pageant exclusively for men, the men will have to show off their inner lady to win the title of Mr. Southern Indiana.

“It’s a something you don’t get to see very often,” said Shyanne Becker, Alpha Sigma Alpha Fundraising chairman. “Going into it the guys are a little timid, but once they start the events they seem to have a blast.”


The men will be judged on a scale of one to 10 based on traditional pageant segments: casual wear, swim wear and formal wear with an interview question and talent.

“The talent portion of the pageant show is a big crow favorite,” Becker said. “You never know what the guys are going to come up with.”

Last year, 12 men participated in Mr. Southern Indiana, but this year ASA hopes to increase the number of participants.

“We never have decreasing numbers through the years,” Becker said.

Mr. Southern Indiana is just one of the events ASA puts on throughout the year.

“Unlike our other event ‘Big Man on Campus,’ it’s pretty much the same event every year,” said ASA sister Taylor Shanks. “As for Mr. Southern Indiana, it’s different each year because you don’t know what the guys are willing to do.”

Ben Hanson, who has never participated in a beauty pageant before, said he feels pretty confident about the event.

“This isn’t my first time wearing a dress, lucky this time it’s for a fundraiser,” said Hanson “And I know I look good in one.”

Even though he is not worried about the competition, he said he is worried about finding heels to fit him.

To see what the men of Southern Indiana have to offer, come at 9 p.m. March 28 to Mitchell Auditorium. Tickets are on sale for $3 outside of the Cone until March 28 and are $4 at the door before the event.