Lip Syncing for PAAWS

Jimmy Pyles

Today in the mainstream when artisits perform, spectators judge whether someone is lip syncing or not, but for Gamma Phi Beta’s Lip Sync the participants will be judged on not their voice but how well they lip sync. 

Lip Sync is one of Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropy events and all the proceeds go to Proving Animals Are Worth Saving (PAAWS), a no-kill animal rescue. Lip Sync will be in Mitchell Auditorium on Feb 24. 

Participants get to pick the music they want to lip sync, create an act and perform for the judges, said Gamma Phi Beta memeber Megan Criss.

“They are judged on a commbination of lip synching ablitlity, dancing skills and overall creativity,” Criss said.

Criss has competed in Lip Sync before with her Gamma Phi Beta sister, and their act was called the “Hannah Montana Hoedown Throw Down.” 

“Gamma Phi Beta doesnt get to win anything because we host it but we do it for the crowd,” Criss said. “It was really fun to do that with my sisters.”

Groups seem to perform songs that are popular or been popular in the past, she said. 

“Last year, we had a lot of Justin Bieber performances,” she said. “This year were not really sure what kind of music people will be performing.”

Normally teams consist of sororites and fraternities, and some non-greek groups.

“We are working on trying to get more people involved with Lip Sync than just Greek members,” Gamma Phi Beta member Alyshia McCormick said. “Hopefully, we can get more non-Greek students to attend and participate.”

This year there will be donation buckets with pictures of people on them. Each bucket will represent the groups performing, and the group with the most money in their bucket will have to lip sync to a song chosen by the audience at the end of the event, McCormick said.

“It’s a new and fun way to raise more money, and get the crowd involved,” McCormick said. 

This year, like past years, PAAWS volunteers will attend with pets they have rescued. 

“People can see what the donations, money and everything goes to,” McCormick said. “You get to see first hand what you’re helping.” 

Martha Wertz, PAAWS volunteer, estimated Gamma Phi Beta gave PAAWS $1200 last year, she said.  

“It’s one of our better fundraisers,” Wertz said. “The girls really go above and beyond to help PAAWS.”

Martha has 10 dogs in her home. PAAWS doesnt have facilities to keep the animals so they have volenteers take in as many animals as they can, but only a few people care for alot she said. 

PAAWS has more than 50 pets they have to take to the vet and care for. For one dog it cost about $100 after vactionations and other expenses. 

‘We break even from adoptions fees,” Wertz said. “We lose money on the animals that are hurt, that’s where we really use the money from fundraisers.”