Live with a Dream (MLK)

Jimmy Pyles

Judge Glenda Hatchett will be this year’s keynote speaker for the eighth annual Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) luncheon hosted by the Multicultural Center (MCC) on Monday in Carter Hall.

Also performing at the MLK luncheon will be Amadeus percussions, The Children Center for Dance Education, and Designed By Grace Gospel choir and praise dancers.

Hatchett presides over the television court program “Judge Hatchett” currently in its 10th season.

She is the recipient of honors like being named “100 Best and Brightest Women in Corporate America,” by Ebony Magazine. Hatchett authored books like “Dare to Take Charge” and “Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say.”

“Judge Hatchett just seemed like a natural fit because she works with youth, she’s a strong advocate for youth and education,” MCC Director Pamela Hopson said.

The luncheon theme is “Dream with a vision, live with a purpose.”

“I’m sure without a doubt that those in attendance on Monday, the 16, that they will walk away thinking how they can live with a purpose,” Hopson said.

Hopson said she thinks the luncheon is a great way to show people what MLK stood for. If people look back on a number of his works as well as a look into his speeches and why he marched, the fact is he stood for equality, she said.

“Its great to see how this event has evolved throughout the years,” Hopson said. “We have seen an increase in the number of students attending this event. There was a time we had to knock on doors and beg people and try to tell people the importance of it. That’s no longer the case.”

This year will be the third year for Kurtis James Kelley III to be apart of the MLK luncheon as well as his third year working at the luncheon. His first year he helped as a student worker, the last year he gave a speech, and this year he will be a student worker again.

“We’re trying to make everyone in the Evansville community aware of Martin Luther King, and what he brought to this country and work with his legacy.”Black Student Union President Kurtis James Kelley III said.

Hatchett will be on the same stage as past speakers, which include Hill Harper, Juan William and coach Herman Boone.

“Having some speakers that deal with racial issues but are more youthful so student can relate to them could make the event more attended by students,” sophomore biology major Rebecca Carus.