Freedom from religion

Jimmy Pyles

The U.S. Representative from Arizona’s 9th congressional district Kyrsten Sinema took a different approach to being sworn in: Sinema placed her hand over a copy of the United States Constitution instead of over the Bible.

Democrat Sinema, a former Arizona state senator who was raised Mormon and is a bisexual, would be the only openly non-religious congress member since Pete Stark, who lost his seat this year.


Sinema was questioned about her religion after using the constitution about whether she was atheist or not. She has responded that she prefers a secular approach to government.

It makes sense that people would use the constitution instead of the Bible because this country is diverse when it comes to religion.

Swearing in over the Constitution shows other Americans that we do have the freedom of religion and that she wanted to be sworn in using something she believed in.

It shouldn’t matter what religion she is or what any of our representatives religious beliefs are. It’s their job to uphold the Constitution, so why not get sworn in on the what your supposed to uphold?

If all politicians would separate their religious views from their jobs, we could get rid of one more thing that divides us. Then it would be easier to make decisions based on the impact is has and how it affects the people

All these religious labels do nothing for America when it comes to making decisions. Whether a politian is Christian, Atheist or affliated with a particular political party, as a politian, the person acts first and foremost as an American and representative of the American people and should act in the best interest of Americans.

I praise Sinema for being sworn in using the Constitution because it shows that all Americans, regardless of faith, have someone representing them. It shows that her religious or other views have no effect on her goal of serving America as part of Congress.

Now if all representatives would think with this mentality, they could put their differences aside and start working for the goals we all have in common.