One semester down

Jake Tapley

My first semester at USI is almost over and done with, and I’m amazed by how fast it went by. It seems like just the other day I was walking around aimlessly on campus trying to find my classes during the first week. Now I’m surprised if I even make it to class some mornings.

Though the semester has seemed to go quickly, I’ve had enough time to learn five lessons that I should remember for next semester.

First, I learned that it is smart to actually use the library when trying to study.

My apartment, which is usually filled with my roommates and their obnoxious friends, or The Shield office isn’t the best place to try to concentrate on homework. Your friends’ dorm rooms don’t count either. I found that a great place to actually get work done is a study room in the library – that way, I can actually focus on what needs to get done.

Second, spending my Munch Money all on Starbucks at the beginning of the year wasn’t as great of an idea as I thought it was initially…

Neither was eating every single meal on campus.

Then you end up eating popcorn for dinner when your money runs out. Making your own meals not only saves you money, but it also doesn’t make you feel horrible after eating it.

Third, try to get along with your roommates the best you can.

You will be stuck with them for a whole year. It’s smart to set guidelines with them initially instead of finding out what annoys them throughout the year. Get involved together, and you will find out there is more in common than you thought.

Fourth, do not ever wait until the last minute to do your math assignments.

You will end up with twelve book lessons and twelve MathXL to finish within two days. Trust me, you will not get it all done and your grade will definitely drop. Setting a schedule and sticking to it is smart for any assignments a teacher gives you.

Fifth, get involved on campus.

Jumping into activities is a great way to start out a semester. Intramurals and clubs are just two activities that USI offers for students to get involved with. This is a perfect way to relieve stress by getting a break from all the school work and meeting new friends.