Jimmy Pyles

It must be the photographer combined with the hipster in me that likes Instagram more than Facebook and Twitter.

I am not the most popular guy on Instagram, but I do use the app on a regular basis. It’s a very interactive community with one common goal, which is for users to share their photos.

This is all might change now that Mark Zukerburg and Facebook have thrown down the social media gauntlet to buy Instagram for roughly $ 1 billion in cash and stocks. Yes, that is correct – billion with a “b.”

For the people at Instagram, a congratulation is in order for selling your free application for $1 billion to the biggest social media company in the world, but as for Facebook – you better not screw up one of my favorite forms of social media.

The big reason as to why I am shocked about how much Facebook paid for the app is because it is free, which means the people at Instagram do not get paid per download, and the only threat it has over Facebook is the fact over 25 million users have downloaded it. 

I feel that Zuckerberg got scared with the power that Instagram had when 5 million Android users downloaded the app the first week it was available.

I just know that Facebook is going to put a bunch of stupid ads and find a way to turn a profit for loyal users or turn it into something like Flickr, where users will pay so much money a month so that they can use and upload as many photos as you want.

In interviews, Zuckerberg has said Facebook will build on Instagram’s strengths, help the app grow independently and the current Instagram team will still work for the company.

Whether Zuckerberg means that or not, it does help me look on the bright side. If Facebook has $1 billion sitting around to buy the app, then obliviously it has the money to improve it.

The one thing that does excite me about Instagram being bought: it has the money to expand and make the app better. But I hope it’s for the best, it has been awhile since some new filters and features were added to it. That would be great change to see.

I have no idea what Facebook is going to do to Instagram, but I know that if there is ever a timeline on Instagram I am switching to Google+.