Point Counter Point: digital download illegal

Jimmy Pyles

Music, movies or anything you can download is something that a lot of people do whether or not it’s OK because you don’t have the money, only want a few songs or just to check out the band or artist.

When people talk about downloading music, someone always says “other people do it, so why can’t I?”

If that’s the case then would you follow them if they jumped off a bridge, let’s hope you aren’t stupid enough to do that.

Stealing is stealing, you might as well go into your favorite artist’s house and steal his flat screen TV.

I’m sure you would do it if you could get away with it, but that’s not the point.

You are taking more than just money from the artist you’re stealing musical and intulectual property.

Going to a concert doesn’t always mean that the artist is getting paid all the money.

The venue still has to make money to stay open.

Yes, the artist gets more money at a venue, but all the money still doesn’t go to the artist.

But the bigger the artist the more money they get from the venue, as for local artist they don’t even get paid to play at some places.

Stealing from local or small bands is the worst thing you can do.

I know a lot of local bands in Evansville and all of the money the band makes to continue making music is based on how much merchandise they sell.

For local bands buying a CD, the money does go back into their pockets so that they can get back in the studio or buy more merchadise.

Don’t justify your actions with “I go to their shows and bought a T-shirt.”

If you have enough money to go to their shows and or buy a shirt, then you clearly have enough money to buy a CD.

Sometimes it’s worse to go to a concert because you spend $50-70 to see Lil Wayne, but you still downloaded his album.

So yeah, I think that stealing music is wrong. If

you won’t steal from your best friend, then don’t steal from your favorite artist.