Point counterpoint: Goodbye, Coach

Jimmy Pyles

This Sunday a college football legend die at the age of 85 his name was Joe Paterno was the head coach of Penn State. It saddens me that he will have died with a gray cloud over him.

I agree that he should have followed up on Jerry Sandusky, and yes, he should have fired Sandusky the second he found out about the molestation.

But it’s hard for someone to completely tell on a person that’s been a friend for over 30 years. He did tell the athletic director at Penn State about it, and he did nothing as well.

Even though everyone reading this right now is probably thinking ‘hell yeah I would tell on my best friend,” but none of you know how you would react until it actually happened.

It bothers me that Tiger Woods, who slept with about a billion ladies and cheat on his wife, can still play golf. Kobe Bryant, who allegedly raped a young lady at a hotel, can still play basketball (settled out of court). Why can’t an 85-year-old man who only knew about what Sandusky was doing not be allowed to coach football?

Sure, they both Woods and Bryant lost some endorsements, but they still were allowed to do what they loved. But not Paterno, he was fired because he didn’t report Sandusky to the cop.

It’s the way Americans looks at cases with children. If it didnt happen to children, he would still be coaching football.

I blame the kids’ parents for not asking where they got all the free stuff that Sandusky gave them. When your kid come back from a football camp with a computer, it’s your job as a parent to ask your kid where and how he got that computer. 

With all that being said, it’s easy to say that Paterno lived for football and Penn State which makes his death all the more shocking after being the head coach of Penn-State for 46 years. While coaching, he racked up 409 wins, making him the most winningest coach in college football.

Joe Paterno is a legend, and his final chapter should not define his whole story.