UGGly Boots

Jimmy Pyles


It’s getting cold out there ladies, so you know what that means…UGG boot season.

Why do you feel the need to wear shoes that make you look like you killed a bear cub? I can only imagine a fashionista running through the woods looking for an animal to kill just so they could have fresh pair of UGG boots.

Doing that to a helpless animal is just wrong and cruel, I’ll probably call PETA when I am done with this.

I don’t understand how they managed to sweep the entire fashion world. Celebrities from Kate Hudson and Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Aniston are all wearing them.

Just because celebrities wear them doesn’t make them fashionable. If Jennifer Aniston told you jumping off a bridge made you cooler would you do it? Let me answer that for you, yes, because most of you will do anything to be cool.

The styles looks like the designers at UGG Australia watched a lot of space movies, with Neil Armstrong jumping around the moon, then thought to themselves that space boots would look really cool in poop brown, with fur on the inside.

I understand that UGG boots are probably way more comfortable than the shoes you normally wear.

But to me, they only look comfortable from the inside. They look like have not support in them, so why do you still wear something that’s uncomfortable?

Most are made of suede, which can get dirty really fast just by walking in the rain for more than 20 minutes, and in that 20 minutes, it can ruin your $100 pair of shoes, unless you bought the knockoff ones at Wal-Mart.

In all reality, they are just glorified house shoes, but maybe I am just jealous that I don’t have a pair.