Country duo to perform at SpringFest 2023


Graphic by Alyssa DeWig

Center for Campus Life announces the country duo Seaforth will perform at SpringFest 2023.

Bryce West, Assistant News Editor

Center for Campus Life announced the country duo Seaforth will be the performing artists for SpringFest 2023.

“Seaforth is an Australian duo,” said Jenny Garrison, associate director of Center for Campus Life. “They relocated to Nashville. They have over a million listens monthly on Spotify. We felt like they were a good country-themed concert, but also, maybe some of the sounds would also resonate with people that maybe aren’t as into country, or they’re more pop or indie or whatever it may be. We felt like they were a good option for campus for all those reasons.”

Garrison said the Center for Campus Life plans to rotate genres every year for SpringFest to be inclusive of students’ musical tastes.

“We talked about the concert and we talked about the fact that we needed to change genres every year,” Garrison said. “Just to make sure we were being inclusive because musical tastes do have an inclusive piece to them.”

“I think demographically this area is very into country music. So giving that a shot and seeing how that does,” Garrison said. 

She said she doesn’t know what genre they will do next year.

“Could go pop, could go rock, I don’t really know,” Garrison said. “But we thought country was a good bet for this year.”

Garrison said her goal is to have around double the attendance of the 2022 SpringFest concert featuring pop artist Krigaré and rap artist Kid Quill.

“My goal for the concert is somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,” Garrison said. “We’ll see how we do. I’d love for us to be more than that, but April’s a busy month. So my goal is 500 students.”

The concert featuring Seaforth will be April 14 in the Screaming Eagles Arena. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and the concert will begin at 7 p.m.

Other SpringFest events include vinyl record painting April 12, roller skating and a Harry Styles/Taylor Swift-themed night April 13. April 14 will also feature live music and Kona Ice on the patio from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.