Center for International Programs hosts Germany Culture Night


Photo by Alyson Collins

Students and faculty gather for Germany Culture Night in David L. Rice Library room 0017. The audience watched a presentation and heard two international students speak at the event.

Alyson Collins , Staff Writer

The Center for International Programs hosted Germany Culture Night Nov. 16 in the David L. Rice Library.

The event included a presentation describing the history of Germany and featured two exchange student speakers. The speakers were Dirk Niemann, junior automotive engineering major, and Mathis Wichmann, sophomore health administration major. 

Niemann and Wichmann came to USI from Germany through a study abroad program. Niemann said being in the United States gives him the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

“I mean, most of the people probably don’t have the opportunity to talk to German people,” Niemann said. “I think it’s a nice opportunity for them to learn something about different cultures.”

Students who attended said they were interested in learning about other cultures.

“I am interested in learning about cultures and learning about how other people just like to represent themselves at USI because USI has a big international community,” said Isabelle Barba Mitre, junior biology major. 

Isaac Sullivan, junior economics major, said he attended Germany Culture Night to support his friends from Germany who spoke at the event. Sullivan said he liked hearing about German history and the event gave him “another perspective.” 

“I always like hearing firsthand just people talking about their own culture,” Sullivan said.

Timothy Rosignol, freshman German major, said he attended the event because he is a German major. 

“I thought it was very good for me to come out here and see what I’ve been learning in class and kind of understand it from a firsthand source,” Rosignol said.

Mikayla Collins, freshman history major, said, “It’s very interesting to see history from a different view from just what we’re talking about.”

Students said they would like to see more cultural events in the future. 

Sarah Handlon, sophomore nursing major, said she would like to see the university provide a survey for students to choose the cultures they would like to see at events. 

Handlon said people might be interested in events for other countries USI does not offer.

Rosignol said people are starting to “understand” culture.

Rosignol said, “I think it’s very important that we start to notice differences, accept the differences and then also start realizing how we can use it in our everyday life and also maybe even in the workplace.”