Importance of campus art center, ceramics center

Art is an important part in the evolving world and has been used to express different ideas in ways that captivate others. 

This is why the Arts Center is vital.

Art is a broad word used to roughly incorporate all of the various forms out there. Architecture, music, sculptures, writing, paintings, drawings, fashion, culture and animation are some examples of different art forms. 

Anything that touches an audience or is used to express something of meaning can be considered art. 

USI has a great arts program and allows students to experience the world of design and creativity. The university has a Ceramics Center and the Art Studio along with the Arts Center

Students are given 24/7 access to the Ceramics Center, which is a great advantage for students to utilize. 

Not only does class time allow students to dive into their creative minds, but they are able to come in anytime that works best for them and use the studio. This is valuable since it gives them the desired time to carefully work on  projects and try new techniques that are taught in class. 

Art is an outlet for some people. Having a way to release stress and work on something meaningful and calming can be therapeutic. 

Everyone needs time to decompress and give to other things that are just as important to them. Art is what some students find to be their creative outlet. USI offers a great way for students to acquire the solution to their needs. 

Though the university offers these classes that will include deadlines and expectations, the opportunity to learn new things and have access to these buildings and resources are well worth it.

Being able to be creative and make something of your own is healthy and exciting enough that deadlines are not an issue. 

Students also have the opportunity to showcase their work during the student art show and in the art studio. Though we can’t experience the art show physically since it’s been moved online, we still have the opportunity to see what other students have created in a virtual platform. 

The lower level of the art studio also contains the wood shop where students can take classes in woodworking and learn different ways to use their creativity. 

Art is just as essential in the curriculum as any other academic course. Students are pushed to learn all of these different topics we may use in the workforce, which can be demanding and boring.

This is why art can be a great way to give students a refreshing perspective and something different to counter the routine of school work.  

Some high schools do not offer art classes to their students, so college art classes may be the first time students get to experience it. 

Art can also give students the ability to think about what someone may be trying to express and give people an understanding of the benefits of having an open mind. 

It is important schools offer these programs and meet the needs of all their students. USI provides this option for its students and gives them the chance to try something different.

It would be great if everyone took the time to check out the student art show. Many students have worked hard on their pieces to be able to show to everyone.