World War III won’t happen

Millennials and Generation Z have flooded the internet with World War III memes about being drafted for the war since the United States killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani with an airstrike Jan. 3. However, it’s unlikely that a draft will ever happen. A draft in the U.S. has not been issued since the Vietnam War in 1975. 

For some reason, the internet has made a big deal about how all the boys between the ages of 18 and 26 were about to get drafted and are making a joke out of it. 

It’s highly unlikely that many of today’s American civilians will see war. Many Americans are obese or on some sort of drug. The other big reason WWIII will never start is that to have a “world” war, you need more than two countries to fight. To classify for a world war, you have to have at least 3 major countries involved in different parts of the globe. 

It wouldn’t be a world war unless another major country interfered in a U.S.-Iran conflict. While the U.S. might engage in a war, it would not be a world war. 

There are a lot of reasons to criticize President Trump. He’s obnoxious and uses Twitter way too much, however, the president acted in the best interest of our country. The general was going to kill and terrorize American citizens. 

Trump simply got to him before he could get to us. This wasn’t going to go without casualties, and while I would prefer no war, that doesn’t change the fact that countries, kingdoms and empires have been involved in wars for centuries and will continue to be involved in them.

Other than not having more than two countries and no draft, the Iraqi protests might be enough to change both the government’s point of view on war. Angry about the U.S.-Iran disputes on Iraq’s soil, Iraqi citizens took to the streets and protested against Iran and the U.S. government’s Jan. 10.

“By relaunching the protest, we’re showing our commitment to the demands of the October revolution: that our leaders stop monopolizing our country’s resources,” a protester in Nasiriyah, Iraq said in an Associated Press article: “Thousands of Iraqis rally against government, Iran and US.” Iraqi citizens don’t want other countries’ fights on their grounds.

There will not be a WWIII, but the internet has given us funny memes to laugh at, and I don’t think it should be read into too deeply.