Hulu’s “Dollface” exhibits comedy, stories of women


Hulu’s new show “Dollface” is another example of a big streaming platform wanting to focus more stories on women. 

“Dollface” focuses on the character Jules, who is dumped by her boyfriend of five years. 

The show aired on Sept. 15 and has a total of ten episodes, following the pattern of a sitcom and having some unrealistic aspects to it. 

Jules has lost all of her friends due to the relationship she had. Viewers get to see her traverse the obstacles and rules of friendship. Her reconnection includes her one time best friend Madison, party girl Stella, and her work friend Izzy. 

One character that lives largely in the imagination of Jules is a woman called ‘the Cat Lady,’ who has the face of a cat. This technique of an imaginary world and various forms of comedies are used to convey what the characters are really feeling, but can’t act on in real life. 

One such scene that is relatable is when Jules is debating on whether she should go out to a book opening for Madison. Jules is thrown into a scene where she has options to pick three doors. Each option is what will happen if she doesn’t go. 

Another scene that is enlightening is the way women are labeled in the episode “Fun Friend.” Jules realizes she is the boring friend, so she goes out of her way to prove that she can be fun by spending time with Stella.

“Fun Friend” uses an old sitcom format where each character is introduced and type-casted in the scene as they are in real life. This scene points to the way women are put in boxes. 

They can only be the “bossy” friend who wants to control everything or the “boring” friend who enjoys staying in. These labels only touch a part of who women are. They don’t describe who they are as a whole.

Critics say that components, like the characters living in moderately sized homes in Los Angeles and rarely being seen working, make the show unrealistic. Yet,  “Dollface” is not built wholly on a realistic setting due to its sitcom formulation. 

The creators would rather we focus on the main issues like women’s struggle to be independent from men and creating healthy friendships.

“Dollface” is a show I hope gets a second season. The characters are three dimensional and relatable. The issues like friendship and finding your own identity are things everyone deal with. 

If the show is renewed, then I’m looking forward to what the producers can do if given the opportunity. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)