It’s time to start appreciating USI’s beauty

One of the things that stands out with USI is the beautiful layout of the campus. 

Out of all the schools I visited, I fell in love with the architecture and landscape of USI the most. A beautiful fountain welcomes visitors and students every day, showcasing what USI has to offer. 

Each building is structured stunningly and even upholds the intended practices of the students within their walls. I think it’s important that the school thought of ways to give their students a connection to the buildings where their studies primarily lie. 

The Romain College of Business contains monitors of the current stock market, and several levels where students can connect with each other or study  The building also overlooks the calming waters of Reflection Lake. This is another part of the campus that is awe-inspiring to visit. 

The gazebo next on the bank is a perfect place to relax and take in the scenery. Students can sit on the benches and take a moment to de-stress during their long, busy days. It’s important for students to take a break from rigorous studying so we don’t overwork ourselves. 

This school provides great places to make that possible for its students. Several fountains provide the finishing touch to this particular area of USI. 

Another one of my favorite places on campus is the Cone. Students can sit and hang out while viewing some of the other beautiful features the campus has to offer. It’s one of the many structures that impressed me during my campus tour. 

USI is the first university that I’ve been able to navigate easily without the fear of getting lost. I was drawn in by the arrangement of the buildings and the fact that it was a comfortable size, that students could feel welcomed without having to worry about being swallowed up by the masses of school or becoming just another number. 

In my experience, the university provides crucial connections and more one-on-one communication with professors and other staff members. The overall community of USI seems to be more close-knit than some of the other schools I have visited. 

Everyone that has visited me on campus has said how beautiful USI is, and it makes me excited to be able to live here and enjoy the energy of campus every day. I think the school provides a great study environment and meets the necessities for many of its students.

I knew I wanted to continue my education here as soon as I was done touring the campus. 

It provided the many things I personally required in a school, as well as offered an amazing setting to fulfill my degree program. 

Though I’ve lived on campus for a while now, I still discover new things that I haven’t seen before and still appreciate the beauty of USI.