‘The Beauty Inside’ shows realistic, strong romance


It’s what’s on the inside that matters, at least for Kim Wu Jin. 

“The Beauty Inside,” a Korean movie, follows Wu Jin as he finds love and deals with changing appearances every day.

Each day he wakes up as someone different — old and young, male and female. Twelve years have passed since his eighteenth birthday, the day he started changing appearances, and he has learned to cope with his situation. Wu Jin has learned that his life is different from others but when he meets Huna Yi Su, a charming woman who sells furniture, Wu Jin wishes to be normal.

Wu Jin tells Yi Su his secret, and it takes time for her to cope with the idea. Yi Su knows that outward appearances don’t matter, but it isn’t the easiest thing to deal with.

Wu Jin’s life is pitiful. He lives in seclusion from others as a furniture designer. Less than a handful know of his predicament. It is hard not to root for him and his happiness. Many things could go wrong as he explores love, but he deserves love just like everyone else, despite the obstacle of changing appearance every day.

Yi Su is the real MVP. After finding out Wu Jin’s predicament, she is startled but finds herself wanting to be with him. Yi Su realizes what’s important to her, that even if the appearance changes yet Wu Jin is still Wu Jin.

But the relationship isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, especially for Yi Su. Rumors stir around Yi Su, saying she is promiscuous. She struggles with keeping her relationship a secret. It is difficult to imagine how Yi Su felt through her relationship, and just as hard to imagine putting ourselves in that situation.

What’s interesting about “The Beauty Inside” is the climax. The climax is untypical and reaches a deeper issue, shown through Yi Su and the struggle to grasp her situation. It’s unexpected, yet more realistic. Sympathizing with both Wu Jin and Yi Su, it seems impossible for a happy ending. Relationships go through their hardships and there is hope that love will be enough for Wu Jin and Yi Su.

“The Beauty Inside” focuses on a strong concept. Beauty is what is on the inside. Appearances don’t matter when in love, and Yi Su shows how it’s possible in a bizarre predicament. The story also deals with mental health. It is important to be honest with a partner, as hidden emotions bottled up to take a toll on the body. 

“The Beauty Inside” is not like other dramas. The story touches on superficial love in an exaggerated way but portrays how love should be based on feelings and not looks. Although physical appearance brings out the attractiveness towards a person, it takes time to reach unconditional love, but “The Beauty Inside” serves as a reminder that beauty is not everything.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)