Charming love story shown in ‘Well-Intended Love’


Netflix originals can tend to come off as corny, and I expected the same for the Chinese drama series “Well-Intended Love.” What I initially thought about the drama changed within the first couple of episodes, and I’m glad I stuck with it.

The idea behind the series is that Xia Lin finds out she has leukemia. Xia Lin finds out there is one bone marrow donor, Ling Yizhou, and starts trying to convince him to perform an operation. Ling Yizhou agrees, but only if Xia Lin will marry him, thus beginning a weird relationship. 

Xia Lin is not a typical heroine. Because of the charm she possesses, it’s obvious she would have many suitors and love rivals. Xia Lin is beautiful, smart, outgoing and open. She is set apart by her values as she respects trust and does not hate on others when they try to take advantage of her. Xia Lin sees the good in everyone, and she makes “Well-Intended Love” exciting to watch. 

Ling Yizhou is Xia Lin’s love interest, and he is as charming as Xia Lin. He is successful with his good looks and with his business. Ling Yizhou is just as smart as Xia Lin, cunning and flirtatious. But his character also comes with faults. A rough childhood caused Ling Yizhou to be the way he is, but he overcomes his faults when it comes to love. He’s charming, but seeing how he is human as well is what makes him so lovable.

Then there’s Chu Yan, a star. He is humorous and jealous of Ling Yizhou’s and Xia Lin’s relationship. Although Chu Yan is jealous at first, he values his friendship with Ling Yizhou and the blossoming friendship between him and Xia Lin. He gets my respect for being a loyal friend. He is caring and kind, even if he does not want to admit it. Chu Yan is the type of star that would be hard not to fall in love with after meeting him. 

Ling Yizhou’s and Xia Lin’s relationship starts off as a fake marriage, but their affection for each other gets stronger. They hit a rough patch in their relationship when the climax hits and love rivals get in the way, but together they get through the hardships. Ling Yizhou’s and Xia Lin’s relationship might not have started off ideally but, in the end, they are perfect for each other. 

It’s hard to judge the acting when the show is in a different language. I can only compare the drama to the acting portrayed in English entertainment. Basing it off the knowledge of previous dramas and shows I’ve watched, I say the acting is better than average. It wasn’t horrible to where it prevented me from watching, but there is room for improvement. 

I loved the series, and I know that because I watched it in two days. “Well-Intended Love” kept me entertained the whole time, and I was smiling through every episode. I was invested in Ling Yizhou’s and Xia Lin’s relationship as much as they were. 

Speaking of the ending, it was one I actually felt fulfilled with. I’m content with how it ended with previewing a little bit of the main characters’ future. “Well-Intended Love” is a drama with one of the best endings I’ve ever seen.

“Well-Intended Love” is binge-worthy and not a waste of time. The series is full of cute, embarrassing and overall happy moments. Although some of the plot is cheesy, starting with secret relationships being a trope, I found it all entertaining the more I invested in the drama. A good drama lets the viewers feel all the emotions, and “Well-Intended Love” did exactly that. I hope to see more dramas on Netflix that is worthy of my time.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)