‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ too picture perfect


Hulu released a new original based on the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral” written by Richard Curtis. Curtis did not take a significant part in this remake, but did give his permission for Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton to transform the premise of the movie into a series.

The story line follows the lives of four friends who met in college and now live together in London. Ainsley is a thirty-something interior designer who has been with Kash for a couple years. Their wedding is the first of the series. Maya is probably the main protagonist because viewers see much more of her life than others. 

We see Maya mainly face some hard challenges like breaking through to her boss and being seen as a colleague instead of a sexual object. The series continues to tackle other subjects like losing  loved ones and having to live on one’s own. 

Despite having a story line comprised of complex characters, the show doesn’t want to delve into them. It seems as if each character is living in a glossy magazine cover where everyone’s issues are stuck to one major subject: love. 

One character that displays this quite well is Ainsley. She is a designer who is rarely seen doing anything productive. I will admit that I like her style. She has some great outfits I would love to wear. The scenes we see of her at work usually are of her lying on a couch complaining about her love life. When she is cut off by her parents, viewers witness her doing the same kind of things but at clients’ houses (which would make me think she would be fired). Yet, Ainsley continues thriving in her business.  

Maya is a bit more complex. We see her trying her best to get through to her boss, who is a conservative senator in Parliament. Her process of getting him “woke” does make a change in him which gives me some hope that the series will be utilizing its potential. 

“Four Weddings and a Funeralholds a great amount of potential in the backgrounds of the characters and well-skilled actors. Yet, it seems it all is going to waste for the sake of a picture perfect tale of millennial love. Despite this, I will definitely be watching this with my mom on weekends because who doesn’t love romantic comedies, right?

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)