C-Store helping students with vegan, gluten-free options

For students on campus who lack a form of transportation, the C-Store is the main place they shop at. The C-Store has nearly all the basic needs for students, but recently they have added gluten-free and vegan products. This is a great opportunity for students whose diets require these sorts of products. It creates a wider variety of options for students and caters to a wider market of students who live on campus.

Eating on campus can add up pretty quickly, especially if you do not have a meal plan. After being here for an entire school year, the options seem highly limited, especially for those whose diets require certain types of foods. If students cannot leave campus, then the problem becomes worse for those who have these types of diets.

A good portion of campus options lacks a wide variety of options for those that require gluten-free or vegan products. Yet, there is most likely a fairly wide population of people on campus who follow these sorts of diets and are highly limited on what food choices they have.

Not only are these new C-Store products beneficial to the students who require them, but they are beneficial to those searching for a healthier option on campus. Many of the food options on campus are fried and high in calories.

Though there is no evidence that gluten-free products are any healthier for those who do not require a gluten-free diet, a vegan diet has been shown to be fairly healthier. However, before offering these new products, options at the C-Store were just a scarce as on campus.

These options at the C-Store allow for students who live on campus to create healthier meals of their own which may save them money in the long run. Creating food at your apartment costs significantly less than eating on campus every day.  

However, the options at the C-Store, as they always do, are still going to cost significantly more than the same products you can buy at a regular store. Products that are vegan and gluten-free already cost sometimes twice as much as regular products at your average grocery store. The positive side of this is that you can use your munch money to purchase these products.

Though munch money is still technically your money, in the long run, it feels better not seeing your bank account dwindle every time you swipe your card at the grocery store. Along with that, it is beneficial how close the C-Store is to most places and that buses take students to the C-Store.

The new products are going to be a much needed option for many students on campus. They may even potentially be a profitable decision for the university itself. Providing options for students with a limited diet create less worry and happier students. Hopefully, they will continue to expand their options in the future.