Kick-ass female lead, action in ‘Alita: Battle Angel’


“Alita: Battle Angel,” set in year 2563 after a great war called “The Fall” wreaked havoc on Earth, is an adaptation of a manga series, bringing action and science-fiction together into a kick-ass movie.

The movie starts off with a man, Dr. Ido, searching through a junkyard, and it’s clear he is looking for cyborg parts, but soon enough he comes across a cyborg body that is still alive. After the cyborg is repaired and wakes up, she (who is given the name Alita by Dr. Ido) slowly learns of her new life after losing her memory.

The audience learns with Alita about the type of world they live in. Above the city Alita lives in is another city, the sky city Zalem. Alita also makes a friend named Hugo who teaches her of a game called Motorball, where cyborgs fight to the death while chasing after a ball.

Alita starts to find Dr. Ido suspicious and follows him into the night. After finding out his real identity, Alita becomes a Hunter-Warrior, someone who hunts down malicious cyborgs.

As Alita regains her memory slowly and learns about the evil going on, she decides to do something about it.

Alita is a strong female character and is empowering to watch. She learns from each fall and always gets up on her feet stronger. Alita is a cyborg, but even so, she experiences real emotions and ends up falling in love with a human.

The romantic relationship Alita has is a little unnecessary. It’s seems a bit cheesy in the movie, and it would have been better if the romantic relationship was more of a friendship.

Another character with great development is Hugo. He starts off with wrong intentions for following his dream, but he comes to a realization there could be another way to achievement, another way that doesn’t hurt others.

“Alita: Battle Angel” is an engaging movie filled with action and backstory about the world and Alita. There is a lot of backstory to the world building, but the information is not overwhelming. It causes the audience wanting to find out more for themselves, which is possible because of the manga series the movie is adapted from.

Alita is known for having bigger eyes, and that may push people away from seeing the film. It is important to remember that she is a cyborg, so her eyes are going to be different from the typical humans in the movie. After watching for awhile, there is chance Alita’s eyes won’t be a bother.

People who love action movies will love this movie, because “Alita: Battle Angel” contains a lot of it. But the action is just the perfect amount for the movie. The ending hints there will be a sequel, and how the movie ends will leave the audience wanting to know what happens next.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)