Students to debate policy, reflect on election

The university’s Philosophy Club will host a civil discussion and debate Thursday at 6 p.m. in Forum 2 of the Wright Administration Building.

A student-led panel will debate policy issues and reflect on tomorrow’s midterm election. The debate, moderated by Associate Professor of Political Science Matt Hanka, will include members of the Department of Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy, Political Science Society, Student Government Association, College Democrats, College Republicans and the Young Americans for Liberty.

“I want to focus on substance and policy,” Philosophy Club President William Bowens said. “I feel like when we do that, the Democrats and the Republicans won’t be able to hold up very well theoretically.”

Bowens said he wants to have a substantive debate, where students can ask questions about what our country can do about healthcare, immigration, climate change and criminal justice.

He said he was originally going to host the debate before the election to give student’s perspective about policy before they go to the polls, but the time got away from him.

“I want to make students aware of the importance of these issues, the substance of these issues and that they have outlets and means to pursue these things, whether that be becoming a political science major or joining one of our clubs,” he said. “Really what I would much rather focus on is what are the policies that the democratic parties should be advocating for.”

Bowen said that people need to challenge the mainstream narratives around politics and ask tough questions.

“Right now we are facing ecological collapse and it’s time to really talk about the tough issues and systemic problems because we are running out of time.”